About The Project

North Shore Sessions started by accident in a barn just south of Duluth, MN, where in the Fall of 2010 a group of friends — musicians, artists, and competitive marshmallow eaters — camped out for a chilly autumn weekend of recording music and shooting photography & video of the experience. After putting one of the videos online, it seemed like a good idea for the sessions to keep going in the form of a larger project. NSS headquarters has since moved to Minneapolis & the sessions now feature local as well as nationally-touring artists performing in unlikely locations — barns, railroad tunnels, former orphanages, abandoned buildings, ’99 Chevy Suburbans, greenhouses… you get the idea.

NSS does not have any funding or elaborate special effects— just the location, the musicians, and the authenticity of the moment. This no-frills production encourages spontaneity and offers a much more intimate, honest relationship with the performance.