PHOX performs their new song “Never Lover” live in Minneapolis for North Shore Sessions.

Directed & Edited by Trent Waterman
Camera: Davin Haukebo-Bol, Joah Colby, & Trent Waterman
Audio engineers: Jason McGlone & Colin Sheffield
Mixed by: Jason McGlone


Willy Mason

Willy Mason performs “Talk Me Down” outside the Red Room in Minneapolis’ Loring Pasta Bar, famed to be Bob Dylan’s former apartment space.

Filmed and directed by Trent Waterman for North Shore Sessions.

The Nightingale Trio

The Nightingale Trio performs “Vdova” behind the frozen Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis for North Shore Sessions. Directed/shot by Trent Waterman.

Widow’s song from Ukraine. A young woman is walking, carrying her son. She stops to feed him and asks, “Oh, my young son, where has your father gone?” An eagle flying overhead calls down to her, telling her he knows where her husband has gone, for the raven has scattered his bones over the dry riverbeds and his dark hair over the green fields.