north shore sessions

Willy Mason

Willy Mason performs “Talk Me Down” outside the Red Room in Minneapolis’ Loring Pasta Bar, famed to be Bob Dylan’s former apartment space.

Filmed and directed by Trent Waterman for North Shore Sessions.

Foreign Fields

Foreign Fields perform Pillars in a living room in Minneapolis. Pillars is the tenth track off their release “Anywhere But Where I Am”. Filmed November 6, 2013 by North Shore Sessions.

Directed/Edited/Audio by Trent Waterman
Shot by Davin Haukebo-Bol and Trent Waterman

The Nightingale Trio

Translation from Serbian:
I rise early in the morning; early, before dawn. I go walking, and in the hills I meet a girl. I call to her, “Good morning, lovely girl.” She replies, sadly and sorrowfully: “Let me go, young man. I am miserable. I have a sweetheart far away, in a foreign land.”

John Mark Nelson

John Mark Nelson and his band perform Rain Comes Down from the back of a ’99 Suburban during a rainy night in Minnesota.

John Mark Nelson – Vocals, Guitar
Jake Armerding – Fiddle
Matt Patrick – Mandolin
Benjamin Kelly – Bass

Directed/Edited by Trent Waterman
Shot by Davin Haukebo-Bol and Trent Waterman


Bowerbirds perform “Overcome With Light” and “Brave World” in the warehouse district of downtown Minneapolis, off their latest release The Clearing. | |

Directed/Edited by Trent Waterman
Co-Produced by Chris Cloud, Trent Waterman, and Erika Ochoa
Shot by Joah Colby-Milbrath, Erika Ochoa, and Trent Waterman