John Mark Nelson

John Mark Nelson and his band perform Rain Comes Down from the back of a ’99 Suburban during a rainy night in Minnesota.

John Mark Nelson – Vocals, Guitar
Jake Armerding – Fiddle
Matt Patrick – Mandolin
Benjamin Kelly – Bass

Directed/Edited by Trent Waterman
Shot by Davin Haukebo-Bol and Trent Waterman


Bowerbirds perform “Overcome With Light” and “Brave World” in the warehouse district of downtown Minneapolis, off their latest release The Clearing. | |

Directed/Edited by Trent Waterman
Co-Produced by Chris Cloud, Trent Waterman, and Erika Ochoa
Shot by Joah Colby-Milbrath, Erika Ochoa, and Trent Waterman